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Thursday, May 10, 2007

RIP little Pilaf

May 10-16

Our sweet little Pilaf died very suddenly last Saturday morning. Do kitties have strokes? Aneurysms? Heart attacks? Ours must have had something like that because one minute she was healthy, the next minute she was dying. Fortunately, Mr. Ben and I were both home at the time and were with her. She died purring in my arms. But man, what a shock!

There are certainly more beautiful cats in the world, and there are certainly cats with more winning personalities. But Pilaf was ours and we loved her; and in her own pissy little way, I think she loved us, too. She would bound across the house to the front door the minute she heard us arrive, and she always stuck by my side when I was sick.

For the longest time after we got her (as a tiny kitten), she had no whiskers, a bald spot at the tip of her tail, extrordinarily short legs and thin, ugly hair. We always said she was an extraterrestrial trying to disguise itself as a cat and not quite getting it right. She had a near death experience 6 or 7 years ago, and after she recovered she grew whiskers and a lovely, full coat. She was still short, though (we called her our little low-rider kitty). My favorite memory of her dates back to when we'd had her only a couple of days -- she was itty bitty tiny and cute, cute, cute with a round little tummy and big round eyes and a spiky little tail. I was sitting on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn in my lap and then suddenly there was Pilaf literally diving over the edge of the bowl to get at the popcorn herself. Yup, we miss our furry pal.

And that's my (sad) news for this week. The other (glad) news is that there's plenty of stuff coming up that will keep you busy and entertained and happy AND a rather large "coming soon" section. There is much to look forward to!

Thursday, May 10

Cornell Hurd
Jovita’s / 1619 S. 1st; 447-7825 / 8 pm (family)

Harry Connick, Jr.
Bass Concert Hall / UT campus / 8 pm
Click for tix

DJd Swing Dance
The Fed / 24th at
San Gabriel / 8 pm
Read all about the
Austin Swing Syndicate and their activities.

Lambert’s / 401 W. 2nd; 494-1500 / 6:30 pm

Therapy Sisters
Artz Ribhouse / 2230 S. Lamar; 442-8283 / 7:30 pm
When's the last time you heard these crazy gals?

Broken Spoke / 3201 S. Lamar; 442-6189

Marc Devine & Denia Ridley
Reed's Jazz Club / 9901 Cap of TX Hwy; 342-7977 / 8:00 pm

Two Hoots and a Holler
Ego’s / 510 S. Congress; 474-7091 / 11 pm

Friday, May 11

Aunt Ruby's Sweet Jazz Babies
Tree House Italian Grill / 2201 College Ave; 443-4200 / 7:30 pm

Seth Walker; UT Afropop Ensemble
The Fed / 24th at San Gabriel / 8 pm; $12
Did you know that your dancing can make a difference? Yup. If you attend this special event, your $12 cover charge will help a group of underprivileged high school students get to West Africa this summer to do Peace Corps work. How cool is that? Click here for more info.

Hand Me Down; Twangzilla
The Parlor / 100B E. North Loop / 9; 10:30 pm

Jim Stringer's AM Band
Ginny’s Little Longhorn / 5434 Burnet Road; 458-1813 / 9 pm

Texana Dames
Evangeline Café / 8106 Brodie Lane; 282-2586 / 10 pm; $5

The Eggmen
Central Market / 4001 N. Lamar; 206-1000 / 6:30 pm (family)

DJd Milonga
La Tazza Fresca / 519 W. 37th (at Guadalupe); 371-5383 / 9:00 pm

Broken Spoke / 3201 S. Lamar; 442-6189 / 9 pm

Friday & Saturday, May 11 & 12

Classical Mystery Tour
Palmer Events Center / Riverside at S. 1st; 476-6064 / 8 pm (family)

I'm never quite sure about these orchestral Beatles tributes. Some arrangements work really well, others don't.
Ya pays ya money, ya takes ya chances. Still... It is the music of the Beatles. And BTW -- the best classical treatment I've ever heard is a CD by John Bayless called 'Bach Meets the Beatles'. Check it out.

Friday-Sunday, May 11-13

Aztlan Dance Company
Santa Cruz Theater Center / 1805 E. 7th; 524-4278 / 8 pm (Fri & Sat); 2 pm Sun; $13
Take your mom out for Mother's day. She might like this.

Saturday, May 12

The Weary Boys
Jovita’s / 1619 S. 1st; 447-7825 / 8 pm (family)

The Eggmen
The Oasis / 6550 Comanche Trail 266-2442

Invincible Czars; Combo Mahalo; White Ghost Shivers (in that order)
Beerland / 711 Red River; 479-7625 / 10pm; 11pm; midnight (in that order)
Is that an incredible line-up, or WHAT!

The Brew
Central Market / 4001 N. Lamar; 206-1000 / 6:30 pm (family)

Albert and Gage Band
Donn's Depot / 1600 W. 5th; 478-0336 / 9 pm

Lucky Strikes
Treehouse Italian Grill / 2201 College; 443-4200 / 7:30 pm

El Sol y La Luna / 1224 S. Congress, 444-7770 / 7:30 pm
Aaaah, the weather is warm enough for El S & La L's famous sangria, mmmmmm.

Two Hoots and a Holler
Ego’s / 510 S. Congress; 474-7091 / 11 pm

Sunday, May 13

The Brew
The Oasis / 6550 Comanche Trail; 266-2442

Gulf Coast Playboys
Guero's / 1412 S. Congress; 447-7688 / 3 pm (family)

Continental Club / 1315 S. Congress; 441-2444 / 10 pm; $6

Austin Symphonic Band
Zilker Hillside Theater / Zilker Park / 7 pm; free (family)
It's Mother's Day, so take your mom out for a cheap date! Buy her a sno-cone or some kettle corn and enjoy the free concert.

Monday, May 14

Paris 49; Chaparral
Continental Club /1315 S. Congress;441-2444 / 6:30 pm; 10 pm ($5 for Chap)

Bayou Cajun Band
Evangeline Café / 8106 Brodie Lane; 282-2586 / 6:30 pm
Featuring the beautiful and talented Peter Schwarz

Tuesday, May 15

DJd Swing Dance
The Fed / 24th at San Gabriel / 9:45 / no cover
Free dance after Four on the Floor’s classes.

Erik Hokkanen's Laboratory
Flipnotics / 1601 Barton Springs; 322-9750 / 8:00 pm

Jitterbug Vipers
Lambert’s / 401 W. 2nd; 494-1500 / 6:30 pm
I believe this is an every-Tuesday event, but you might want to call just to make sure.

The Lucky Strikes
Belmont / 305 W. 6th; 457-0300 / 6 pm
This will be an every-Tuesday-in-May event.

Wednesday, May 16

The Brew
Speakeasy / 412 Congress; 476-8017

Mr. Fabulous & Casino Royale
The Belmont / 305 W. 6th; 457-0300 / 6 pm
This is an every Wednesday happy hour.


San Antonio, TX
Thursday-Saturday, May 10-12
Tejano Conjunto Festival

Rosedale Park / 303 Dartmouth / various hours; various prices
If you can only go one night, I would recommend Saturday: Eva Ybarra, Mingo Saldivar, Flaco Jimeniz among others. But if you can go for the whole weekend, that would be even cooler! Click the link for all the details.

Taylor, TX

Saturday, May 12
Czech Melody Masters
SPJST Lodge #29 / 5025 FM 619; (512) 352-9139 / 7:30 pm

Wimberley, TX
Saturday, May 12
Two Tons of Steel
Cypress Creek Cafe / on the square; 512-847-2515 / 7:30 pm; $10


Saturday May 19
Ruta Maya / 3601 S. Congress; 707-9637 / 7 pm
This group is one of my newest discoveries, and they're right here in Austin. Here's their blurb:
"Featuring a range of rhythms and musical sounds from around the world, the songs reflect musical influences from the middle east to afro-cuban to polynesian to indonesian." pal Fadi (who is, incidentally, a cute and TOTALLY fun drummer from Syria) is a member of the band. Check 'em out if you're needing a good healthy dose of world music. [And speaking of world music, click here to hear my entry into the Balkan Beat Box Remix Contest, "Habibi min zaman". Think I'll win?]

Saturday, May 19
Brave Combo
Jovita’s / 1619 S. 1st; 447-7825 / 9 pm (family)
The good news is -- this is AFTER the Belaharr show, so you can do both!!! Yippee!!!

Friday, May 25
Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys
The Oaks / 10206 FM 973 N, Manor; 278-8788 / 8 pm; $15
When's the last time this fabulous band came to town? It's been way, way, waaaaaaaaaaay too long! They will put a smile on your face for sure, for sure. Not to be missed!

Sunday, May 27
Gulf Coast Playboys; Mingo Saldivar
Moose Lodge / 2103 EM Franklin / 6 pm; $10 ($5 for members)
Last month's party was so much fun -- and so successful -- that they're doing it again. This is a wonderful place to hang out, dance, sit on the porch, whatever. And every dollar you spend is one dollar closer to saving the lodge from urban development.

see ya on the dance floor,



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