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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Awwww, does him got a bubo?

June 21-27

Join me as I enter my Bubonic Plague phase. In preparation for One Flea Spare (opening August 16 - mark your calendars now!), I am reading everything I can find about the plague. All I can say is: ewwwwwwww.

Here are some things that maybe you didn't know (or maybe you did [or maybe you'd rather not, in which case you should skip the bullet points]):

  • The buboes (nasty, painful, discolored lumps) are lymph nodes that have gone all necrotic, ewwww.
  • Other symptoms include splitting headache, swollen tongue, and compulsive vomiting, ewwwww.
  • There are three types of plague: bubonic, septicemic and pneumonic. Bubonic is the attack on the lymph nodes; it's the one that causes the buboes, ewwwwww. Septicemic is when the bacteria multiplies in the bloodstream; it can cause bleeding from any orifice and/or underneath the skin, and gangrene, usually on the fingers, toes and nose, ewwwwww. Pneumonic is the rarest but most deadly and is the mostly likely candidate for bioterrorism attacks because it's airborne; it attacks the lungs and you can't breathe, ewwwww.
  • The fleas carrying the plague bacteria experience great hunger since the bacteria blocks their stomachs, so they gorge themselves and then, since they can't get the yummy blood into their tummies, vomit it back into their host, thus sharing the bacteria, ewwwwww.
  • During the great plague of 1665 in London (the one the play is about), 43 people died in May; 6,137 in June; 17,036 in July; and 31,159 in August; the total death toll for that particular outbreak was around 160,000, ewwwwww.
There is, of course, much, much more we could talk about (such as the violation of female victims [dead or alive]; the people who weren't dead yet but got carted off anyway; the elderly women who were pressed into examining the bodies to document the cause of death; the total breakdown of the social system; the running-away of the politicians), but this is an entertainment calendar, not a science/history lesson.

And to start off the entertainment portion, here's a video straight from China
. Don't you wish you could do this? (If you can, let me know. Seriously.)

Thursday, June 21

Cornell Hurd
Jovita’s / 1619 S. 1st; 447-7825 / 8 pm (family)

Lambert’s / 401 W. 2nd; 494-1500 / 6:30 pm

Doc Watson
Texas Union Ballroom / Texas Union, UT campus, 23rd at Guadalupe, 475-6515 / 8 pm; $35
The one. The only. 477-6060 or TexasBoxOffice to charge tix.

Artz Ribhouse / 2330 S. Lamar / 7:30 pm (family)

A Black Tie and Flip Flops Affair
Cafe Mundi / 1704 E. 5th / 6 pm-midnight; $5 (family)
Check out this summer solstice celebration featuring, among others, Sage, (amazing, amazing, amazing fire dancer) dancing to the music of Oliver Rajamani, starting at 9:30 after other musicians and belly dancers have warmed you up. This event will rock.

DJd Swing Dance
The Fed / 24th at San Gabriel / 8 pm Read all about the
Austin Swing Syndicate and their activities.

Marc Devine & Denia Ridley
Reed's Jazz Club / 9901 Cap of TX Hwy; 342-7977 / 8:00 pm

The Weary Boys
Threadgill’s / 301 W. Riverside; 472-9304 / 9:30 pm

Thursday-Saturday, June 21-23

Federal Courthouse Buildings / 300 E. 8th; 288-1929 / 9 pm; $15
Sally Jacques' newest ariel dance installation.

Friday, June 22

Aunt Ruby's Sweet Jazz Babies
Treehouse Italian Grill / 2201 College; 443-4200 / 7:30 pm
DJd Milonga
Texas Union Quadrangle Room /
Texas Union, UT campus, 23rd at Guadalupe / 9 pm
Come early for a tango lesson at 8 pm.

Polka Freakout
Jovita’s / 1619 S. 1st, 447-7825 / 7:30 pm (family)
Bubba Hernandez, we heart you!

Seth Walker
Momo’s / 618 W. 6th; 479-8848 / 9:30 pm

DJd Swing Dance
Go Dance / 2525 Anderson Lane (in Northcross Mall) / 9:30 pm; $4-6

Big Brother and the Holding Company

Threadgill’s / 301 W. Riverside; 472-9304 / 9 pm
Two words: Where's Janice?

Gordon Lightfoot
The Glenn / 13101 Hwy 71 West; 263-4146 / 7 pm; $39-$42.50
Unlike Janice Joplin, Gordon Lightfoot is still alive. Who knew?

Friday and Saturday, June 22 and 23

Global Harmony
Ruta Maya / 3601 S. Congress; 707-9637 / 5 pm - 2 am; $12 per day/$18 both days
This is an event celebrating the music of Africa. And who doesn't love the music of Africa? Confirmed performing groups: Afrique Djemba Kan; Atash; Djembabes; Lannaya; Oliver Rajamani; Rattletree; Sabaya. 784-8660 for more info.

Saturday, June 23

Seth Walker
Reed's Jazz Club / 9901 Cap of TX Hwy; 342-7977 / 8:30 pm

Lost Bayou Ramblers

Continental Club / 1315 S. Congress; 441-2444 / 10:45 pm

Marshall Ford Swing Band
Lambert’s / 401 W. 2nd; 494-1500 / 6:30 pm

Elana James & the Continental Two
Threadgill’s / 301 W. Riverside; 472-9304 / 10 pm

Nuevo Urbano
Domican Joe / 515 S. Congress / 8 pm; $5
This Artbulb Austin event is part concert, part milonga, part fashion show.

Sunday, June 24

Monster Big Band
Central Market / 4001 N. Lamar; 206-1000 / 12:30pm (family)

THAT Damned Band
Beerland / 711 Red River; 479-ROCK
I'm not sure about the time, so give 'em a call.

Austin Symphony Orchestra
Wooldridge Park / 9th at Guadalupe / 7 pm; free (family)
This week they'll feature their woodwind ensemble. It's blanket and picnic time!

Continental Club / 1315 S. Congress; 441-2444 / 10 pm; $6

Dale Watson
Ginny’s Little Longhorn / 5434 Burnet Rd; 458-1813

The Brew
The Oasis / 6550 Comanche Trail; 266-2442

World Refugee Day
Knapp Auditorium / Episcopal Seminary of the South West; 606 Ratherview / 4-8 pm; free (family)
Hmmmm. This looks sort of interesting. There will be food, music, films, and kids activities from around the globe. I don't know what bands will be there, but I'm always up for international music. A little personal anecdote/tangent here: When I was a kid, I lived on a farm in rural central Texas. Not a lot of ethnic diversity. My cousin was in the military stationed in Korea and he brought back -- are you ready for this? -- a Korean bride! She was the first non-American I ever met and I was charmed beyond measure. I used to follow her around like a puppy dog. Then in 4th grade, there was a Russian folk dance troupe on the Ed Sullivan Show and my mind was totally blown -- and this was before the mind-blowing drug of the 60s. In junior high, we had a German exchange student (Ingrid ), wow! In high school I DATED our Japanese exchange student (Takahiko). Then it was off to UT where I met my first college boyfriend, a Lebanese guy named Habib. Then there was Nabil, the Persian Jew. Do you see a pattern here? I really, really, really like learning about other cultures. So events like this one hold a certain appeal for me. You?

St. Matthew's Episcopal Church / 8134 Mesa / 7 pm; $25
This most, MOST excellent chorale will be performing Mendelssohn's 'Elijah'.

Monday, June 25

Paris 49; Dale Watson
Continental Club / 1315 S. Congress; 441-2444 / 6:30; 10 pm ($5)

Bayou Cajun Band
Evangeline Cafe / 8106 Brodie Lane / 6:30 pm
With special guest Erik Hokkanen

Tuesday, June 26

DJd Swing Dance
The Fed / 24th at San Gabriel / 9:45 / no cover Free dance after
Four on the Floor’s classes.

Marc Devine & Denia Ridley
Reed's Jazz Club / 9901 Cap of TX Hwy; 342-7977 / 6:30 pm

Erik Hokkanen's Laboratory
Flipnotics / 1601 Barton Springs; 322-9750 / 8:00 pm

Dr. Zog
Alligator Grill / 3003 South Lamar; 444-6117 / 6 pm
A little Tuesday evening zydeco.

Jitterbug Vipers
Lambert’s / 401 W. 2nd; 494-1500 / 6:30 pm

Elana James & the Continental Two
Continental Club / 1315 S. Congress; 441-2444 / 6:30 pm

Jim Stringer's AM Band
Jovita’s / 1619 S. 1st, 447-7825 / 8:00 pm (family)

The Lucky Strikes
Belmont / 305 W. 6th; 457-0300 / 6 pm
This is an every-Tuesday event.

Broken Spoke / 3201 S. Lamar; 442-6189

I thought that Chaparral was moving back to Thursday this week, but nope, not yet.

Wednesday, June 27

The Brew
Speakeasy / 412 Congress; 476-8017

Marc Devine & Denia Ridley
Reed's Jazz Club / 9901 Cap of TX Hwy; 342-7977 / 7:00 pm

Erik Hokkanen and his Gypsy Tribe
Lambert’s / 401 W. 2nd; 494-1500 / 6:30 pm

Blues on the Green
Rock Island, Zilker Park / 7:30 pm; free (family)
This time you'll hear The Rhythm Council. Take a picnic supper and enjoy the evening.

Wayne's World
Central Market / 4001 N. Lamar; 206-1000 / 8:00 pm (family)
Outdoor movies the whole family can enjoy.

Mr. Fabulous & Casino Royale
The Belmont / 305 W. 6th; 457-0300 / 6 pm
This is an every Wednesday happy hour.


Gruene, TX
Saturday, June 23

Two Tons of Steel
Gruene Hall / 1281 Gruene; 830-606-1281 / 9 pm; $10

Gruene, TX
Tuesday, June 26

Two Tons of Steel

Gruene Hall / 1281 Gruene; 830-606-1281 / 7:30 pm $4


Thursday - Sunday, June 28-July 1
But I Could Do That
The Off Center / 2211A Hidalgo / 8 pm Th-Sat; 2 pm Sun; $15 (family)
Yellowtape Construction Company presents their summer dance extravaganza. Those of you who saw "We are Normal Cha Cha Chaaaaaa" know what a kick-ass dance troupe this is. You can get tix here.

Saturday, June 30
The Fabulous Polkasonics; Brave Combo

Moose Lodge / 2103 EM Franklin / 9 pm; $10 ($5 for members)
Mark your calendars now. Even Brave Combo has been enlisted to help save the Moose, so you know it's important!

Wednesday & Thursday, July 4 & 5
The Backyard / 13101 Hwy 71 West; 263-4146 / 6:30 pm; $45-$47


My friends Tray and Mike entered the "Expose The X" contest for the Austin radio station 101X. The entry with the most votes wins a (big) cash prize and runners up get cool stuff like ipods. I think Theirs is pretty awesome and they worked really hard on it, so I thought maybe you'd be willing to take a look at it and then to vote for us! Click here to see and vote. Theirs is called "X Kong is in Austin".

see ya on the dance floor,


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