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Thursday, March 20, 2008

I dance, therefore I evolve

March 20-26

Mr. Ben got a cunning little gift for Christmas, something that's incredibly useful for so many occasions. It's a Worst Case Scenario calendar. Each day it tells you about an amazing (or usually not) survival story, or (best case scenario here), gives you advice that is sure to save your life. For example: how to escape a charging rhino. That's one I know I'll use a lot; and how I have survived for so long without that information, I will simply never know. Luck,I guess. Just pure dumb luck.

While you may think you might possibly detect just the tiniest touch of sarcasm in that last remark, let me say that one in a while the information is enormously life affirming. Last week, for example, the calendar offered a compelling argument for dancing. It says...

Tuesday, March 11. Today in Survival History: Evidence was released on this day in 2006 that suggests dancing may have been a key factor in the survival of early man. Motion was often used as a way for primitive humans to bond and communicate with one another, particularly during difficult times. Dancing was as a sacred ritual, and this ability could have given well-coordinated prehistoric humans an evolutionary advantage. Additionally, the study found that dancers, when compared to athletes in a control group, possessed genes that made them more social. The findings suggest that social bonds developed through communal dancing and singing would have been essential to survive the Ice Age.

I trust that dancing will see us through Global Warming as well. Needless to say, I chose this week's video specifically to add credence to this research. This is an interpretation of Zorba the Greek done by a group of Yolngu dancers (indigenous people of northeastern Australia). Check out the tall guy front & center. I hope he survives Global Warming! Or the next Ice Age. Or whatever.

Thursday, March 20

Lambert’s / 401 W. 2nd; 494-1500 / 7 pm

Johnny Gimble
Guero's / 1412 S. Congress; 447-7688 / 6:30 pm

Lucky Strikes
Tree House Italian Grill / 2201 College Ave; 443-4200 / 7:30 pm

Cornell Hurd Band
Jovita’s / 1619 S. 1st; 447-7825 / 8 pm

DJd Swing Dance
The Fed / 24th at San Gabriel / 8 pm

Jesse Dayton
Broken Spoke / 3201 S. Lamar; 442-6189 / 9 pm

The Brew
Copa / 217 Congress Ave. / Austin, TX / 479-5002 / 10 pm

Dale Watson
Ginny’s Little Longhorn / 5434 Burnet Road; 458-1813 / 9 pm

Two Hoots & A Holler
Ego's / 510 S. Congress; 474-7091 / 11 pm

Friday, March 21

Arabic Hafla
Dougherty Arts Center / 1110 Barton Springs / 7:30 pm (family)
This event is sponsored by the ABA (Austin Bellydancing Association?) and will feature live music by Belaharr (one of my local favorites), bellydancing, refreshments and vendors selling cool stuff. It's free for ABA members; $8 for the public and $5 for kids.

Nowruz (Persian New Year)
Central Market / 4001 N. Lamar / 6:30 pm (family)
Featuring live music by Atash, 1001 Nights; and Bereket.

Jitterbug Vipers
Lambert’s / 401 W. 2nd; 494-1500 / 6:30 pm

Aunt Ruby's Sweet Jazz Babies
Tree House Italian Grill / 2201 College Ave; 443-4200 / 7:30 pm

Los Super Vatos
Jovita’s / 1619 S. 1st; 447-7825 / 8 pm
This is Bubba Hernandez's group, and let me tell you, they are awesome!

DJd Milonga
Gregory Gym Plaza / UT campus; 21st at San Jacinto / 6 pm; free (donations accepted)

DJd Swing Dance
Go Dance / 2525 Anderson Lane (in Northcross Mall) / 9:30 pm; $4-$6

The Studebakers
Artz Ribhouse / 2230 S. Lamar; 442-8283 / 7:30 pm
Yes, this is the Studebakers' regular gig, but it's also a fundraiser for Studebakers' Nigel Russell. Nigel lost his son Garrett in a car accident last month. All proceeds will go to help defray funeral expenses and set up a scholarship fund for Carrett's twin brother Duncan. Help 'em out if you can.

The Eggmen
Nutty Brown / 12225 Hwy 290 W; 301-4648 / 7:30 pm; $5 (family)

Fridays-Sundays, March 29-April 6

Collexiones: Aztlan Dance Stories
Santa Cruz Center for Culture / 1805 E. 7th / 474-TIXS / 8 pm Fri & Sat; 2 pm Sun (family)
This is the newest offering from Aztlan Dance Company. Looks kind of interesting: there will be two "stories" -- the first explores a pre-Columbian myth, and the second one is called "Salon Boogaloo", which I would interpret as most decidedly post-Columbian.

Saturday, March 22

Lucky Strikes
Tree House Italian Grill / 2201 College Ave; 443-4200 / 7:30 pm

Sunday, March 23

Dale Watson
Ginny’s Little Longhorn / 5434 Burnet Road; 458-1813 / 4 pm


Continental Club / 1315 S. Congress; 441-2444 / 10 pm; $7

Giant City Sextet
Saengerrunde Hall / 1607 San Jacinto / 8 pm; $10
Wow, what a great place for a swing dance!

Monday, March 24

Uptown Swingsters; Dale Watson
Continental Club / 1315 S. Congress; 441-2444 / 6:30 pm (no cover); 10:30 pm ($7)

Charles Thibodeaux & The Austin Cajun Aces
Evangeline Cafe / 8106 Brodie Lane; 282-2596 / 6:30 pm

Tuesday, March 25

Happy birthday, dear departed Granddaddy. You would have been 110 today.

Jitterbug Vipers
Lambert’s / 401 W. 2nd; 494-1500 / 6:30 pm

Dale Watson
The Belmont / 305 W. 6th; 457-0300 / 7 pm

Planet Casper
Continental Club / 1315 S. Congress; 441-2444 / 6:30 pm

DJd Swing Dance
The Fed / 24th at San Gabriel / 9:40 pm
This is the weekly FREE dance after Four on the Floor's lessons.

Wednesday, March 26

The Brew
Speakeasy / 412 Congress; 476-8017 / 9:30 pm

Lucky Strikes
Joe DiMaggio's / 11410 Century Oaks Terrace (The Domain) / 7 pm
The manager is trying to make Wednesday 'Swing Night' by hiring live musicians and clearing out tables for dancers. This appears to be a good replacement for Reed's.

Erik Hokkanen's Gypsy Tribe
Lambert’s / 401 W. 2nd; 494-1500 / 6:30 pm

Dale Watson

Broken Spoke / 3201 S. Lamar; 442-6189 / 8:30 pm

Roger Wallace
Ginny’s Little Longhorn / 5434 Burnet Rd; 458-1813 / 9 pm

Road Trips

Helotes, TX
Friday, March 21

Asleep at the Wheel
Floore Country Store / 9pm
Click here for tix.

Granger, TX
Friday, March 21
Cotton Club / 212 E. Davila / 8:30 pm

Coming Soon

Thursday, April 3 - Sunday, April 13
Cult of Color: Call to Color
Austin Ventures Studio Theatre / 501 W. 3rd
This collaboration between Ballet Austin's choreographer Stephen Mills, visual artist Trenton Doyle Hancock, and composer Graham Reynolds looks like total, TOTAL fun. Be sure to click the link and check out the website. If the performance is as cool as the website, then we're all in for a treat! And be honest -- don't you want to see this little guy dance? I know I do!

Saturday, April 5
Louisiana Swamp Thing and Crawfish Festival
18th & Congress / 10 am - 10:30 pm; $15/kids under 8 free (family)
Zydeco dance lessons at 1 & 3 pm and all the music (and crawfish) you can say grace over. Cedryl Ballou & The Zydeco Trendsetters; Chief Kevin; Marcus Ardoin & The Zydeco legendz; Brian Jack & the Zydeco Gamblers, and that all time favorite -- MORE. Click the link for the full line-up.

See ya on the dance floor,



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